Sherri Harris

Caring for the patients as they would care for their own families.

Sherri Harris

Supervisor, Sacred Heart Health System

My Team is: I have the pleasure of working with a team of 14 of the most dedicated and professional women I have ever known. Each arrives daily with the attitude of service: service to the patient, service to the physician, service to the departments and service to each other. They are family to each other and care for the patients as they would care for their own families exemplifying our organization’s mission and values as they go about their work each day.

My proudest Super Star moment is: Being the only children’s hospital in NW Florida, it is a daily occurrence to come into contact with terminally ill children and their families. In Central Scheduling, we strive to do anything possible to make their lives a bit easier whether it is working on a procedure for a child traveling from out of town or arranging for an interpreter for the parents of an ill child.  Each of the scheduling staff focuses on not only the physical health, but also the emotional & spiritual well-being of each patient we serve and family members we come in contact with.

Why it matters:  Our organization was founded by the Daughters of Charity. We are advocates for compassionate care and just society through our actions and our words. Each year all of our associates voluntarily participate in a recommitment ceremony to endorse those core values.

My Super Stars advice is: My advice would be to take care of the team. Workplace relationships can be invaluable and teamwork allows employees to build on the talents of their teammates. Combining unique viewpoints that each team member has learned from their individual experiences can provide a creative collaboration on projects. If you take care of your team, they will take care of your patients.