Rebecca Taylor

Proud to be a part of the "McLeod Order Management Team"

Rebecca Taylor

Senior Business Analyst, McLeod Health

My Team is: Our team members come in every day with a strong desire to succeed and make a difference.  We don’t simply think about our patients coming first, we dedicate our time to make them know and feel they are truly #1 and we wouldn’t be here without them.  This group holds a personal stake in how the patient’s visit will go from start to finish.  The level of passion and energy they display every day is contagious to all those around them.

My proudest Super Star moment is: My proudest moment of the team is when they no longer saw each other as individual people but as “the McLeod Order Management team.”  They came together like a family and proved that through their passion for a common goal nothing was unattainable.  They strive to make every patient experience stellar and take the utmost pride in the job they do.  Through their constant and positive communication methods they make sure every day starts and ends successfully.

Why it matters: The job our Order Management team does is an essential function of our patient centered organization.  They work diligently behind the scenes to ensure all future patients have correct orders on file prior to arriving at one of our facilities.  Without them, wait time in registration would be greatly impacted as well as overall patient satisfaction.  This team helps bridge the gap in communication between physician offices and patients to help make outpatient experiences begin on a positive note.

My Super Stars advice is: Spend time developing your employees, take the time to explain why the role they play is important and what a big difference even their smallest contributions make.  Encourage them to have ideas that may improve workflow and really listen when they share them.  Above all support each other wholeheartedly, especially on the rough days; and always remember to have fun.  I’m proud to be part of a group that treats work like their second home and co-workers like a member of the family.