Norman E. Murphy

Regional Director – Patient Access

Norman E. Murphy

Regional Director – Patient Access, CHRISTUS Health Southeast Texas

My Team is: I have been with CHRISTUS for 27 years. I started out as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and progressed to Patient Access. We are a diverse team and widespread in order to cover all patient access points. The team’s focus is to provide excellent easy service to all of our customers both external and internal. The teamwork starts at the time of scheduling and progresses through pre-access insurance verification to registration and financial counseling. As an acute care facility the team has a wide array of entry points, all of which has patient access as the face and first experience for our facility. Customer service, team work and the best tools are our way to provide excellent customer service.

My proudest Super Star moment is: Our proudest moments are when you can see the worried and scared face of a patient or family member relax as we ease their concerns. Most patients are scared. They are scared that the test will hurt, that they will or have received life altering news, or that they can’t afford the test (and if not, what will happen). Our job is to provide caring and empathetic service while still ensuring we meet our mission and goals.

Why it matters: This is important as we need to always strive to keep our mission alive and active. No margin no mission – so we must do a good job in collecting co-pay, deductibles and co-insurance, yet do this ethically and with compassion. Without our mission we would lose our culture and our heritage. Providing care for our charity patients is both personally and professionally gratifying.

My Super Stars advice is: We must have great customer service so that we can keep our customers and grow. It is essential that we grow, learn and continually improve or our department and facility will never be exceptional. NAHAM, ACHE and other organizations are a great way to keep up with current trends and new ideas. Using the best tools such as SCI will keep you up to date and efficient.