Tammy Wood

Solution Consultant

Tammy Wood

Solution Consultant, SCI Solutions

My Team is: Before joining SCI, I had the honor of managing 4 amazing Patient Access teams throughout my healthcare career – Lutheran Hospital & St. Vincent Health in Indiana and Erlanger Health & Skyridge Medical Center in Tennessee. Initially starting out 27 years ago as a registrar, my desire was to change the perception that registration was more than a data entry position – Access had responsibility for driving revenue cycle performance, increasing patient satisfaction, and implementing best practice across the enterprise. Focusing on pre-service opportunities, our goal was to get it right from the start and provide customer service second to none.

My proudest Super Star moment is: One of the proudest moments was receiving a bible inscribed with my name on the outside from a patient that I had pre-registered and a tornado struck her house while we were on the phone. Thankfully she was not in the part of the house where it had hit, although I later learned she would have been. I kept the phone line open while she assessed the damage to ensure she was ok and had my colleague call the police in her rural town to let them know what had just happened – we were the first notification.

Why it matters: Being a servant leader is what we are called to do each and every day and having compassion for the patients we serve shows people that you care. These are not just numbers we are processing through the system, these are lives, just like you and I, often times facing unexpected life changing moments. Our mission was to meet or exceed the expectations of those we serve and educate one patient at a time. Patients have a choice where they come for care and we wanted to make sure they knew just how much we cared.

My Super Stars advice is: Always give the best that you can give utilizing the gifts you have been blessed with. Have passion for what you do and never be too old to learn. The time is now for Patient Access, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives that you touch. Equip your department with the right tools like SCI to streamline your workflows and drive performance. Getting involved in organizations like NAHAM gives you the professional edge through networking, education, and certification opportunities to be top in your field. Your patients deserve the best experience from Stars like yourselves!