Sheila Holzman

Manager of Scheduling Center

Sheila Holzman

Manager of Scheduling Center, Mercy Medical Center

My Team is: My immediate team schedules all surgeries and ancillary appointments for the hospital. We also, preregister and ensure authorizations are in place. We also work in Interventional radiology more actively to encompass all these roles there and include the physician concern. Also, for our Outpatient chemotherapy center- where we also man the reception desk and help this population through many aspects of their care.
Patient Access in Baltimore Mercy Medical Center is decentralized as we are a large hospital. We have many points of access and some physician hub sites. We remain the first point of entry for most patients and direct them along their way.

My proudest Super Star moment is: Don’t have any proudest moment. But just today as manning a Patient Access Table during Patient Access Week, a lady stopped by and asked a question. I asked her if she worked at one of the physician offices and she said “No, she was making her way down to the Emergency Room because she was feeling very dizzy.” My co-worker jumped up and said “Actually, this other way is closer. Let me get you a wheelchair and I’ll take you down.”
This attitude happens daily and is great to work with.

Why it matters: It’s the right thing to do!

My Super Stars advice is: Remain positive and open to those in need. Keep your mind open and learn all you can – take the CHAA/CHAM when able. SMILE!