Patient Access Professional, we applaud you!
In fact, we think you’re a Super Star.

Here’s why. The contributions you make every day that help patients navigate their care, improve efficiency, and bring in revenue are critical to the health of your health system. Not to mention its impact on patient loyalty. This site is dedicated to the work you do. Because it matters…a lot.

Every day, you give a human face and voice to your health system.

You are the first experience patients have with the health system – and they place their trust in your hands. Offering them a smooth access experience, without the hassle of inefficient systems and processes, is paramount to their well-being — and the well-being of your organization.

“Our proudest moments are when you can see the worried and scared face of a patient or family member relax as we ease their concerns.”  

Norman E. Murphy, CHRISTUS Health

Help us tell the story of the patient access profession.

We invite you to help tell the world why Patient Access Matters.
Has your team….

Increased revenues?
Helped reduce costs?
Saved a life?
Made a patient’s experience better?

Share your story.

We bid you and your teams to share your most powerful, emotional, and fun stories about the important Patient Access work you do every day. Please submit your story today and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

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